The Kilkenny Choir, founded in 1992 by Philip Edmondson (musical director)  has become a nationally recognised choral ensemble and their biannual concerts, which often feature professional orchestras and soloists, draw in appreciative audiences from across the county. The Choir boasts a repertoire that spans musical works from Seventeenth Century composers Monteverdi and Bach to Twentieth Century Stravinsky and Britten. Comprising approximately 60 singers, membership is drawn from the entire south-east region and the group has collaborated with a number of other choral societies throughout the country.

In 2018,  The Kilkenny Choir passed the baton from its founding father, Philip Edmondson, to our current music director, Thomas Kehoe.

Participation in the choir affords members the opportunity to socialize with other music lovers whilst learning and enhancing their own musical skills


[blockquote]Joining this group has been a great move for me. I have really enjoyed my time with The Kilkenny Choir. It’s a great way to meet different people, learn amazing music and perform it.


[blockquote]I have sung with them for 4 years never having sung since school, a long time ago .This is a great group if you want to do something different to the usual music.